How to Register with TheAdsTeam

1.When you come first time on the the ads team site ,click on “join now” button on the top of the screen (picture below). screen, it will open the registration form , you need to fill out all empty fields with required information.

3.Make sure to use ” goldalex ” for sponsor name.If you use direct link from earnonnet , the name of the sponsor will be displayed automatically on registration form.Unless you have already someone else for the sponsor, that’s ok too. Keep in mind if you sign from page to theadsteam you will be added automatically to the site’s newsletter where you will get all necessary info and strategies how to work best with program.Also if you choose EarnonNet for your sponsor , you can always ask for any kind of help regarding this program, simply all you need to do is to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.You will never be alone – guaranteed! 🙂

4.Make sure to use gmail when you sign in.It’s important to verify your account once you click on register button.You will need to activate your account by clicking the activation link from received email.That is important to do in order to complete registration process until the end.Then you can go to TheAdsTeam site and log to your account. 
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Video :  How to Register with TheAdsTeam:

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