Ad Click Xpress CRYPTO TRADING (ACX CRYPTO) is an online advertising company that offers services and products to Business Advertisers. Since ACX launched in June 2013, ALEXA has consistently ranked Ad Click Xpress in the Top 1% Most Visited Sites in the world. With millions of pageviews occurring each month, ACX can offer business clients with many Prime Advertising locations for banners, text and full-page ads at cost-effective pricing.
ACX CRYPTO Affiliate Members participate in what is touted by many as the most powerful compensation systems ever created, which features the patented ACX Crypto Trading Pay Plan. What is even more remarkable is that it was designed specifically to help the “98% of people” who have never succeeded in MLM companies or similar Revenue Share programs (check out the video below).

Three (3) Easy Steps to Start:

Step 1: Buy Ad Packs —>> without monthly fees/no mandatory recruiting!

Step 2: Get Paid Daily (click on View Ads and the “Get Paid NOW” Button)

Step 3: Withdraw Money OR Buy More Ad Packs  that’s it, you’re done!

New members – minimum deposit $10
All is on you how much you want to earn, INVEST more –>Greater Deposit = Increased Daily and Permanent Earnings. Here‘s totally up to you how much you”ll earn.

Introducing ACX Crypto Trading!!

FIVE Earnings Pack Systems:

* General Trading consists of ALL types of trading we carry out: Cryptocurrency, Forex and NFT Trading.

With several systems available to chose from, you can earn money with the method YOU feel comfortable with.
IMPORTANT: You usually have 2 income streams – faster, short-term earnings and slower, long-term earnings .

Additional Benefits and Bonus Income Streams to ACX Members:

  • 200 Visitors to the website of your choice per purchased adpack
  • ACX Takes the Risk – trading in a very volatile market
  • Cryptocurrency Trading – all types, exercising the least risk
  • Huge Upside – earnings from brand new market
  • No Experience Required – we have the experts who work for you
  • NO Mandatory Recruiting !
  • Important Commissions – for those who share
  • Referral Commissions 5% Level 1 , 2% Level 2, 1% Level 3  (only gold members)
  • Referral Commissions for Advertisers Only – 20% Level 1 and 10% Level 2 – when Referral Upgrades Membership.
  • Silver & Gold Membership Commissions – 10% Level 1 and 5% Level 2 – when Referral Upgrades Membership. Read more how to maximize your earning potential

Ad Click Xpress is committed to conducting business with full transparency.

Paying more than actually achieved through actual investments (e.g., cryptocurrency trading or forex) results in the demise of any investment program.

Ad Click Xpress always pays members the maximum amount possible earned from trading efforts – we have no reason to hold back any earnings which could be paid to members.

As a rule, each Earnings Pack pays up to 50% daily until 150% is returned; however, this high rate of earnings can only be achieved if two things are successful:

  • Cryptocurrency, Forex and/or NFT Trading is going well
  • Future investing by members increases

Ultimately, Ad Click Xpress offers long-term and short-term investment plans – if the short-term, higher paying parts of the system are momentarily not able to be sustained reliably, a so-called Reset takes place.

The Reset reduces the current earnings of Earnings Packs, so you simply earn less per day – your money is NOT LOST. Realizing this fact is an important part of being able to TRUST the system and what we are trying to do at Ad Click Xpress, provide a short-term and long-term investment plan for everyone worldwide.
There will ALWAYS come a time where most of our Earnings Packs (NOT the Investment Packs) will need some type of reset.
In fact, any investment site that offers MORE than 15% per year (.05% per day) and does not have an effective source of third-party earnings, e.g. cryptocurrency, Forex or NFT Trading, could very well inevitably and eventually need some sort of reset or other reorganization of financial accounts as outlined on this page!
Priority must be made to pay the profits of the people who LAST funded their accounts and purchased Earnings Packs otherwise newly participating members will be very difficult to find.
Older Earnings Pack obligations must be paid back more slowly – in addition, as the system progresses, more and more older obligations occur, which requires them to be reset at an even lower rate.

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