Crypto 300 Club

Crypto 300 Club Leads the Way

There has never been a simpler system for average folks to participate in trading cryptos. Crypto 300 Club operates as a cryptocurrency “trading” club and contains all the right conditions for Club Members to succeed financially with minimal risk! The expert Crypto Traders do all the work, and All Profits Earned are paid back to YOU! It’s Simple, Safe and Reliable!

  • $10 Minimum Investment (up to $1,000,000)
  • Crypto300Club Takes ALL the Risk
  • No Contracts to Sign (start immediately)
  • Earn Millions Anonymously
  • No Need to Own Bitcoin
  • Guaranteed Earnings of .5% per day (over 150% per year)
  • PREMIUM Crypto Packs option! Earning from 10% up to 50% per Day (25% Weekends), but ONLY until 150% has been paid back
  • No Deposit or Setup Fees Required
  • Minimal Withdrawal Fees
  • Fast Withdrawals of Daily Earnings

Two Ways To Make Money!!!

2 ways to make money

Two types of Crypto Packs

1.Standard Crypto Packs – Each Pays .5% Daily (.25% Sat/Sun) indefinitely.
    Here’s Why It Works:
    Members can always count on earning .5% each day, because Crypto 300 Club Management
    prepares for good and bad days.Example of a Trading Day:

  • One trader has account of $100,000
  • Trader profits $10,000 (10%)
  • Up to $500 (.5%) is given to Crypto 300 Club Management
  • Remaining $9,500 is kept in the trading account
  • $109,500 is Used to Trade the following day

2.PREMIUM Crypto Packs are the fastest, most reliable money available! Earn Up to 50% per Day (25% Weekends), but ONLY until 150% has been paid back.
The Premium System is periodically subject to so-called Earnings Adjustments which cause short-term, larger earnings (1% – 50%) to be transferred to long-term earnings (.1% – .3%). An Earnings Adjustment is the method Crypto 300 Club uses to adjust earnings of predetermined Crypto Packs so that withdrawal requests can be paid without delay, and realistic returns can be achieved for every member.
What is my ultimate risk when purchasing Premium Packs?

When you buy Premium Packs, three different typical scenarios could occur, none of them resulting in a loss situation unless you decide to abandon your further participation:

1) Your Premium Packs could pay out 150% and you are able to withdraw this money before an Earnings Adjustment takes place – this is the optimal situation and it happens during every Premium Cycle, but it cannot happen for all purchases.
2) Your Premium Packs could pay out less than 150% before an Earnings Adjustment takes place – in this case, the daily earnings of these packs are set to 1% daily – that is still very high earnings in the financial investment world.
3) Your Premium Packs could pay out 150%, but you are NOT able to withdraw all the earnings before an Earnings Adjustment takes place. The earnings you were not able to withdraw are sent to your so-called “Reset Wallet”, so you can use them to purchase new Packs which pay .3% daily, still a very high earnings rate in the financial investment world. Crypto Packs affected by an Earnings Adjustment pay only 100% back to you before they expire.

Affiliate Earnings

If you are serious about your Crypto 300 Club Business, there is one activity that will maximize your efforts and create a Passive Income that will allow you to reach your end goal of Financial Independence! Referrals” Are Key to Reaching Your Greatest Earning Potential!
If you will “promote your business” and find new people to Sponsor on a regular basis, You Will Find Incredible Financial Success at Crypto 300 Club!

Why? Because as you help other people find success at Crypto 300 Club, you will create a “sales force” that also works for you, and Crypto 300 Club will pay you generous Referrals Commissions each time THEY Purchase Advertising or Sponsor New People!
That is how you create a passive income that can pay you for the rest of your life!

Promoters are paid When Referrals Buy Crypto Packs, up to Three (3) Levels Deep.
 -Level One: 5% Commission on New Money Spent (+ special 10% campaigns) 2.5% on Re-Purchases
 -Level Two: 2% Commissions on New Money Spent (+ special 5% campaigns) 1% on Re-Purchases
 -Level Three: 1% Commissions .5% on Re-Purchases

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