The Ads Team – One step closer to the end!

TheAdsTEAM Update from 20/09/2017: “AdPacks Discontinued” 
TheAdsTEAM Management has decided to stop/discontinue the sales of new Adpacks with immediate effect because of lack of demand and sales. It is no more profitable for the company to continue this product. All other marketing products like Banner Ads, Text Ads, Login Ads, PPC etc will run as normal.Old Adpacks will continue to deliver the services as normal.                                                                                                                                                      This decision doesn’t sound very logical in terms of profit and hard to understand.If no adpack sales how they think to maintain entire site in the future, i would say step by step we approach to the end of TheAdsTEAM.Time will show …until next update!

TheAdsTEAM System Updates 17/07/2017
Admin announced  in order to save admin costs ,they have decided to distribute the revenue share for 3 days a week i.e, Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday. Which resulted in continuous dropping of daily earnings.It became very hard to claim any withdrawal because minimum withdrawal rule is $10 and with current earnings it takes from 1 to several months depending on number of active adpacks to claim minimum withdrawal.members who are in loss, these rules made difficult situation ,chances to withdraw seed money are very small.

Important Update: June 04, 2017

New adpacks bought after  02/06/2017 started to earn 50 cents per Pack.                            $50 usd adpacks bought before 02/06/2017 their daily earnings were reduced from $1 usd to 10 cents. $25 AdPacks started to receive 5 cents per Pack.$10 AdPacks started to receive 2 cents per Pack.
All adpacks earnings were attached to the daily sales.Earnings stopped to be fixed which was very bad news for people who purchased adpacks in this program.From June 04 earnings started to drop gradually day by day.

Old Presentation: 

Name of The Company: The Ads Team (Visit the Official Website)

The Ads Team [TAT] is a mixture of retail affiliate program and revenue share program.The program was launched on 15th October, 2016 which is UK based.
TAT share the profits of all the products or services purchased through their partner affiliate links like : Amazon, Etihad, Switch, Adidas,, Digicel, Olympus, TomTom  and many more…TAT promote products and services of these companies through its own platform and earning commissions and compensations for every single sale.Other TAT products are advertising services like banner / text/ login / ptc ads and ad packs. All Members benefit earnings through revenue sharing pole based on number of their active revenue sharing positions. Daily earnings are linked to daily sales. it’s not fixed but will be variable with a cap of Max 2%.This method of earning distribution allow the longevity of the program.Important to understand this is not an investment business.Members purchase a legitimate advertising product which will drive traffic to your website or referral link. On top of that company sharing revenue with all members based upon sales.

The Ads Team website identifies two owners of the company: Muhammad Azam and Najam Ul-Hassan.

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The Ads Team Compensation Plan

So how does it works and how i earn money with TAT ? 

1.Revenue Sharing system offer to affiliates purchase of $10, $25 or $50 Ad Packs, on the promise of an advertised 110%-120% ROI.
Users need to watch 10 (20 second) adverts each day to qualify and get paid every 2 hours or 12 times per day!
No need to sell or recruit to earn from revenue sharing.
You can withdraw your earnings every day with a minimum limit set to $10 and maximum limit of $300.
(*AdPack is an Online Advertising Package. e.g $50 AdPack gives you – 20 PPC Banner Clicks, 1000 Website Credits, 5000 Text Credits and 5000 Banner credits.)
It is recommended to purchase $50 adpacks because they generate up to 120% of ROI.

Revenue Share Distribution is published on the site for every single day.Meaning ,earnings from the previous day make a profit for the next.
Currently new $50 adpacks earns approximately 50 cents per pack daily, $25 adpack earns 12.5 cents per pack etc..

1b. Free Cash Links  –  Any member can access free cash links and earn by clicking PTC ads. It’s not much around 3$-5$ per month (there is no compulsion of buying adpacks). Video how to click free cash links is here.

2.Direct Referral Commission 8%

You make 8% Commission on any Direct Sale.For example:If you refer someone and they buy a $50 AdPack, you will make 8% commission = $4.
Every time your referral Purchases or Repurchases an AdPack or any other advertising product you will make 8% commission on every sale.                                               *All earned commissions go to repurchase balance.

3.What are the commissions for the TheAdsTeam affiliates?
TheAdsTeam offers a generous incentive and promotes team building with a 5 level deep commission payplan totalling 13%.
Commissions Structure
1st level  = 8%
2nd level = 2%
3rd level = 1%
4th level = 1%
5th level = 1%

On top of that, TheAdsTeam also offers a Leadership Pool Bonus for those who qualify the criteria.
Leadership bonuses will be paid by the 8% commissions generated in the admin account.

Join TheAdsTeam for free !
Read more how to fill out registration page ?   ——–> here.

*Make sure that sponsor name on registration page is ” goldalex ” unless you have already someone else referral link then you will sign under your sponsor’s name.

Quick StartHow to deposit funds in TheAdsTeam and buy adpacks:

How to deposit funds from Bitcoin wallet in TheAdsTeam:
It’s recommended to use bitcoin because you will pay much less for the fees.

How to Surf Ads in The Ads Team – Step by step !

4.TheAdsTeam Academy Compensation Plan:

Company Forced Matrix
1. Direct Sales Bonuses
2. Team Sales Bonuses
3. Matching Bonuses
• No Withdrawal Limits
• Commission on all sales coming in your Team
• Spill Overs from Company & your Upline
• Opportunity to make up to $30k a Month