Traffic Exchange Platform

A traffic exchange website is a type of platform which provides a service that helps deliver more website traffic to its numerous customers as :

a) Internet marketers
b) Website owners
c) Affiliates (products and services)
d) Digital product owners
e) Digital service owners
f) Working professionals (portfolio and brand)
g) Anyone in need of more online exposure.

This is a great way for internet marketers in search of referrals and all kind of product owners who want to promote their businesses to get FREE website traffic. Anyone can participate in the free Traffic Exchange system. When you participate, you will be shown the websites of other members. In return, your website will be viewed by thousands of other active members.

Although not all services are free ,traffic exchange admins seek for profit too so they include in their offer premium services and different memberships .Different traffic packages are offered for upgraded members where they start receiving website hits within minutes without obligation to browse other member sites.

How Traffic Exchanges Work

A traffic exchange begins with a central hub site, running software of a specialized kind. Website owners sign up to be a part of this exchange, and their website is added to a list. Another publisher signs up and puts their site into the list as well. This repeats to grow a list of websites as long as the exchange wants it to be. Some of the biggest exchanges involve millions of sites; some of the smallest might only have a few thousand.
Where does traffic come from? If you want visitors to your site, you need to earn them. You earn them by browsing the list on the exchange. The list is made up of other publishers who want traffic, and who are doing the same browsing.
This way, your traffic is coming from other publishers, often the publishers of the sites you’re viewing. Your views on the sites you find through the list are views those publishers are earning.
The central hub is what regulates all of this. It keeps track of how many views a publisher has earned, and puts their site into the rotation until it has received that much traffic. If the publisher stops earning views, they stop receiving traffic.
One problem that comes up is the balance between earned views and paid out views. At a 1:1 ratio, ideally, everything would work out perfectly. However, some publishers will earn credits for traffic they don’t claim. Others will spend money for credits, rather than earning credits through viewing.
The usual way a traffic exchange regulates this is by “taxing” views. You’ll see this as the listed “ratio” on a traffic exchange site. A ratio of .5, for example, means that you need to browse two websites in order to earn one view of your own.
Of course, traffic exchanges have evolved from this relatively simple concept. They add additional features, like buying large amounts of traffic directly, or entering contests with credits for jackpots of more credits or payouts. Many traffic exchanges also incentivize more incoming traffic than is earned or bought, by offering payouts to regular users who want to earn some money but who don’t have sites or care about claiming traffic. They earn credits, and exchange those credits for cash rather than for traffic.

The Difference Between Autosurf and Manual Exchanges

Most people use Traffic Exchange programs to increase their site visit rate. Traffic Exchange programs offer both the Auto and Manual Surf options with a timing of 3 to 60 seconds. An ‘autosurf’ program requires no human intervention to rotate the sites in the database, and is used primarily to inflate the total number of site hits. This practice is rather controversial as it may skew the results of website popularity. People’s main reason behind joining a Traffic Exchange program is to promote products and services to like minded marketers. A factor which may negatively influence the ranking is the Bounce Rate. If a website or blog has a high bounce rate then it will be considered that people are not interested in the content. The Bounce Rate is calculated by the average rate a visitor stayed on the site. So whereas the Traffic Exchange sites increase the site visit rate, on the other hand they also increase the bounce rate.
You will find in general that a manual exchange is typically better for earning and redeeming legitimate traffic. Autosurf networks are more for people who want to make a few dollars a day by running a piece of software in the background of their computers. You’re free to try both out and see which provides better traffic, however.

Top 10 Best Traffic Exchange Service/Platform

To know: This list is strictly EarnonNet choice made according to personal experience. In no case does this mean that one is better than the other or if one site is not on the list that is automatically the bad choice. The best is to test each platform on your own and make your own opinion. I was guided by the following criteria: simplicity to use, how difficult is to have our links accepted in rotation by webmaster, visibility and presentation of the site and most important efficiency of the traffic exchange site to bring quality traffic to our website.

1. Traffic Ad Bar 
is a great way to get FREE and PAID website traffic. Traffic Ad Bar is a manual traffic exchange which deliver up to 1,022 visitors to member’s websites every 3 days for FREE.Traffic Ad Bar upgrades put your website traffic on auto-pilot in 3 powerful ways!
Credit you with up to 5 points for every point you earn for every URL.Credit you with up to 20 points for every point you earn on your primary URL and Boost your Ads by giving you priority on the Traffic Ad Bar.

2. EasyHits4U      The Best Traffic Exchange
is a popular manual traffic exchange with over the million registered members., Your Free Traffic Exchange – 1:1 Exchange Ratio, 5-Tier Referral Program. FREE Advertising! Unlimited hits to your website with free and paying premium and ultimate upgrade. With EasyHits4U there is no limitation over earning and getting the unique hits.

3. Websyndic       autosurf
is an autosurf traffic exchange system, which distributes free visits. Millions visits are exchanged daily by hundreds of members. This system allows you to increase your advertising revenue, your rankings position and more.Free and Upgraded mode availables.

4. HitLeap               Traffic Exchange
HitLeap is a auto-surf Traffic Exchange service that helps deliver more website traffic to its numerous customers.Anyone can participate in the free Traffic Exchange system. When you participate, you will be shown the websites of other members. In return, your website will be viewed by thousands of other active members. Alternatively, you can simply buy a traffic package from us and start receiving website hits within minutes!

5. Tezzers                 
or Tezak Traffic Power is free to use manual traffic exchange with a unique click and surf system that provides you with over 11 ways to generate free website traffic.Tezzers is a membership based platform so chances are high that you will get from here the real and genuine visitors only.Basic membership is free + 3 different upgrades with benefits to increase your website traffic.

6. TrafficG                

is all about generating visitors to your own website(s) for free! TrafficG is manual traffic exchange, supports 1:1 exchange ratio.You can either use the SuperSurf (Surf 4 Credits), use the SuperStart (HomePage). use the Exchanger (Banner Exchanger and Exchange), or a combination of all three to earn credits(visitors to your own site).TrafficG has 5 referral levels affiliate program. Upgrade options available from $6 to $15(100-300% more traffic).

7. IT24/7                   

is a free manual traffic exchange.Centered in the online marketing niche, Advertising systems like Internet Traffic 247 are a great part to a well-rounded advertising campaign.Our unique peer to peer system is a fantastic way to get an idea of how a banner ad, Text ads, or a splash/ Landing page will perform. Often without having to spend any money. So you know which banners text and pages will convert better when you are ready to buy out side advertising campaigns.

8. HitSafari            HitSafari - Explore the wonders of great traffic

has been the top ranked manual traffic exchange since 2003, delivering quality high targeted traffic.With over 5 Million views to our members sites each month HitSafari is sure to increase your sites traffic.HitSafari also works as a high quality banner exchange via our banner advertising network that comes with your free membership.We offer also high quality text exchange that puts your text ads right in the faces of our visitors.

9.10KHits                 Free website traffic to your site!

is a free and premium website traffic to your websites. 10KH is one of the leading autosurf traffic exchange network sites since 2011. 10KHits provides quality traffic hits to your personal or business websites.


offer quality traffic where traffic is exchanged manually. Promo period active – Surf 150 pages in ONE DAY and you will get 1 month FREE PRO-Membership! FREE Members earn 10% monthly commissions on Level 1 referral upgrades (PRO members earn 30%) offers you real visitors to your webistes against your own visits.That means you surf around other promoters websites, gain “credits” that you can convert into visits to your own websites from other Traffic-Shmaffic-members.