What is a revenue sharing website?

Revenue Sharing (Revshare) website is an advertising platform where members are buying traffic to promote their products. At the same time company, sharing the revenue from revenue share pole only if there are continuous sales. Important is to understand that earnings are not guaranteed that is why this business is not considered as an investment or “get rich quick scheme”. Revenue sharing companies are selling advertisements and only if there are enough sales, earnings will be shared between all members.
No doubt successful advertising company must be :

1. Well established
2. Financially robust
3. Has great future plans

Combining advertising plans & revenue share plans can be a very powerful tool. Online advertising is a trillion dollar industry and has created multiple multi millionaires. There are million of business owners, entrepreneurs, bloggers, affiliate marketers who are looking to increase their presence online and paying a great amount of money to advertise on platforms like Facebook, Google and YouTube. Having a platform where advertisers advertise and you get paid for just viewing their ads this is in the same time simple and revolutionary system to promote any kind of business and generate online income. This business is popular because is created for the masses all across the world. On these sites we can purchase different types of ad packs for affordable prices. The measurement of the profit is different on every revenue sharing site. Repurchasing adpacks is one of the best ways to quickly increase your earnings, more you have them more you’ll earn as long company will be in profit.

What is an adpack ?

Adpack is simply an advertising package. The cost range from $5 to $75 and usually earn from 110% up to 120% depending on the revshare site. For each purchased adpack members get a certain number of visitors to their website and a certain number of clicks (pay-per-click) for banner/text ads. So the benefit is that adpacks allow members to get traffic to their business, for their own website or business opportunity regardless of the type of business or the location of the business. Well established companies provide high quality traffic through their traffic exchange which can result in getting opt-ins or real sales for advertiser’s business.
If the company is in good standing each ad pack will generate earnings at the same rate every single day until it expires. As long as a company will be in profit all members will benefit earnings, according to the number of active adpacks present on their accounts.
To resume, in order to qualify for revenue sharing each member is supposed to have at least 1 active sharing position and click minimum 10 ads per day.(required number of ads to be viewed might be different from program to program , standard number is 10).

So why people join these programs if earnings are not guaranteed?

“RevShare” programs are one of the easiest ways to make money online because recruiting and selling is not a mandatory task to do like in other internet money making opportunities.
There is a proverb “If you can click a mouse you will make money with us” which is basically true as long as we surf 10 ads daily and the company will be in profit, all members will earn daily profit for each active adpack.
Rules are simple and easy to understand. There are 3 ways to earn money with revenue sharing company.
1. Purchase adpacks, advertise and watch 10 ads to get revenue share (usually) up to 120%.
2.Refer others and earn commission on their purchases accordingly to compensation plan .
3. You can earn extra cash for viewing PTC ads.

However, with so many new RevShares coming to the market it is very hard to know which ones are the real deal and to get involved with. From members point of view , they are mainly motivated to join these platforms because they expect to earn the profit from revenue share pole + skilled marketers benefit different additional commissions for referring other members. Naturally it will be always some of the members who are only interested in promotion of their successful business so they only purchase advertisement without intention to earn. From the other hand majority of members are mainly joining because they expect to maximize the profit. The problem is this is opposite to company’s rules because they refuse to be responsible for member’s deposits in case of trouble (to finalize registration we must agree with terms and conditions) , that is why members are obliged to accept no guarantees for their earnings, basically they have to take the risk or to quit. Most of the company will last shortly because they will not succeed to assure continuous and steady income. For members the most important thing is to make right decision which company to join and that is not easy task to do especially for newbies, it is required to be well informed and research correct information regarding this company before we join such programs. Unfortunately this earning system is not sustainable forever, it requires constant promotion, new deposits, skilled team leaders and owners with vision. Not many companies are capable to respond to the challenge and overcome all difficulties and become long term projects. In this industry it will be always successful top earners, all kind of average members with more and less positive results and some inexperienced losers. It is impossible to please everyone and for sure all members will not make money. Only a few revshare advertising company will make the difference and be able to survive first 1-2 years.


The best advice I can give when we join for the first time one new making money program is to never deposit more than we can afford to lose. It is very important to know who the owner is and who the team leaders are. Experienced earners will rely on their feeling and will try to assess the situation as best they can.
No one internet program is 100% safe and it will be always the risk involved. With revenue share programs is pretty much the same. If you don’t try it you will never know and you will never earn anything online. First of all you need to make clear decisions if you want to make money online or not. If the answer is yes, then you can try to join one of these programs and little by little start to acquire the necessary experience and in time improve your marketing skills otherwise you better seek your happiness elsewhere. Making money online is possible but before all we need the right information. How far you will go? That question depends on your motivation, determination and your ability to keep the focus on your goals.

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